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What is NUCCA?

Specific Chiropractic Care, Specific To You.

NUCCA stands for the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association.

While NUCCA is a well-accepted form of chiropractic, patient procedures differ from the more traditional techniques. NUCCA treatment begins with specific x-ray views taken from specialized digital x-ray equipment that uses very minimal radiation. The positional relationship between the top bones in the spine named the Atlas, the skull, and the rest of the neck below the Atlas are analyzed to measure the exact degree of the misalignment for each patient. Each person’s misalignment pattern is entirely unique to them.

NUCCA Chiropractor in Texas

Lastly a NUCCA adjustment is very gentle, precise, and an effective treatment that does not use twisting, cracking, or high force to realign the spine and improve body function. When the spine is in an optimal position, the nervous system can function at 100% efficiency. Because of the nature of this technique, it is much more favorable to people that may be apprehensive of traditional chiropractic care. Also because of the high precision of the adjustment, fewer adjustments are required. Patients also tend to hold their corrections for much longer.

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NUCCA Chiropractor in Texas, NUCCA Chiropractor in Cedar Park TX

Your First Visit

Come on in for a consultation. This how the Doctor gets a better understanding of the specific issues you are having.

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NUCCA Chiropractor in Texas, NUCCA Chiropractor in Cedar Park TX

The NUCCA Procedure

The NUCCA procedure is a highly effective and gentle form of chiropractic care. It is extremely precise and helps many conditions.

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NUCCA Chiropractor in Texas, NUCCA Chiropractor in Cedar Park TX

Before Coming In

Save some time. Download our online forms and fill them out before coming in. That way you can get your adjustment quicker.

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NUCCA Chiropractor in Texas, NUCCA Chiropractor in Cedar Park TX

Symmetry Health Chiropractic Center is proud to offer cutting edge Chiropractic Care in Cedar Park, TX, featuring the NUCCA system of treatment. NUCCA is a gentle system of treatment with proven results.

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Slide This is the single most important decision I ever made for my health!! I suffered from - Cheryl Groomer Payne horrible shoulder pain and was always needing pain medicine! I met Dr Pat at a church fair, visited with him and had decided I did not want to do the surgery route and that I would give him a try!! He DID NOT disappoint!! I felt better after the very first adjustment! I am in an awesome place now and would definitely HIGHLY recommend Dr Pat for any needs!! He is absolutely the best!!!! Slide Dr. Pat & his beautiful wife, Dr. Dani, has taken great care of me from the very start. - Lisa Campos-Rowe My good friends, the Glick family, had referred me to this wonderful practice & it has done wonders for me. I was in pretty bad shape when I first started going there, but I am happy to report that my body is healing & I feel so much better than before. Slide I went with a Mommy elbow (reaching to the back seat) pain was manageable - Mary Avila- McClure after first visit and just after the first week I was able to grip again.

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