Chiropractor in Cedar Park Shares Best Fruits that Help Combat Vertigo

Did you know that a few nutrient-dense fruits make an excellent addition to your vertigo care plan? If you're not familiar with them or if you want to make the most out of your natural and holistic vertigo care plan, read on! Discover the best fruits you should add to your usual diet so you can begin seeing more results [...]

Headaches at Work: Could Your Desk Job Be the Culprit?

Are you an office worker who spends most of your day sitting and working at your desk? How often do you take breaks? Or do you even take a break from sitting? Sitting for long hours can be detrimental to your health. A migraine chiropractor in Cedar Park usually tells patients to take regular breaks from desk work regularly. This [...]

Chiropractor in Cedar Park List 7 Exercises That Are Bad for Sciatica

Not all workouts are made equal, especially if you have sciatica. So even if a workout routine is supposed to keep you physically active and fit, it pays to know if it would cause further harm to your lower back. Read this blog post for information on which exercises to avoid to prevent aggravating back problems. In addition, our Upper [...]

Can Cold Weather Make Your Back Ache?

Does your back pain seem to feel worse when the snowfall is a bit thicker and the temperature drops to a record-low level? Do you find it more and more difficult to move around the house lifting items, trinkets and whatnot to burn calories during the cold season? While you might think that you’re the only one suffering from this [...]

Let-Down Migraines Explained by an Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Cedar Park

If you've been through a drastic decrease in stress levels after a very hectic week, there's a higher risk of you getting a migraine the next day. This is a "let-down" migraine, a type of migraine that shortly occurs after heavy and stressful activities gradually disappear. Learn more about it and how you can navigate through a busy week. To [...]

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Chiropractor in Cedar Park Lists 8 Ways to Ease Vertigo

Suppose you or someone you know has frequent vertigo episodes. In that case, you might grow weary from anticipating an attack or worrying about a fall or other accidents because of impaired balance. Check out our eight at-home remedies designed to help lessen the frequency and severity of vertigo episodes. Additionally, read on to understand why you should consider seeing [...]

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