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NIMMO and Soft Tissue Therapy

Trigger point therapy, Stretching, Active Release
Both Dr. Dani and Dr. Patrick have been trained in NIMMO and several other soft tissue therapies.  NIMMO is a type of trigger point therapy that was researched and developed by Raymond Nimmo.  During NIMMO trigger points, once a point is located in the muscle it is held with pressure for 8-10 seconds then released.  While holding the trigger point, toxins with the muscle are released, when the point is released blood flows back into that area of the muscle and helps to wash away the toxins.  This is why, if part of your treatment includes NIMMO, only a few muscle groups will be worked at time.  Other therapies that may be utilized include, but are not limited to stretching and active release.


Extremity Adjusting

Both Dr. Patrick and Dr. Dani have been trained in extremity adjusting, but Dr. Patrick has taken extra courses to further his skill-set.  Extremity adjusting can be especially beneficial for athletes, but also works great for carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder and other ailments of the arms and legs.

Upper Cervical Care
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