Back pain is not a particular condition that chooses its unlikely target. According to upper cervical chiropractors in Cedar Park, Texas, back pain affects both young and old. It is also one of the top aches people complain about the most.

When we hear someone grumble about back pain, we can’t help but empathize. We know full well what it is like. People consider back pain as a regular occurrence that they no longer get stumped when they feel it. 

There are things we should put up with. Back pain must not be one of them. If left unattended, it can intensify. Did you know that back pain is one of the cited reasons people miss work or even seek medical care? This is why we will dig deeper into the likely triggers and if there are lasting ways to cope with this ailment.


General Truths About Back Pain

Regardless of your back’s pain level, you will significantly benefit from understanding what this condition is and how to manage it. This knowledge is incredibly essential, so your back pain does not affect your work.

  • Some people can experience back pain to set in right after an event or trigger. On the other hand, others might not be able to pick up the tell-tale signs until the pain starts to become intolerable. 
  • Back pain can be a primary condition. It can also be a likely symptom of a different ailment. This is one of the reasons why people should not brush this off.
  • It can be bearable or debilitating. Since people have different tolerance levels, their experiences with back pain can vary. Yours might probably differ from others.


Aggravating Factors of Back Pain

Anyone can be affected by back pain. However, upper cervical chiropractors in Cedar Park, Texas believe certain factors can complicate backache. These are a few:

  • Sedentary lifestyle

Living a comfortable, relaxed life is no sin at all. However, being inactive and lethargic might not be beneficial to your body. No matter how slight your movement is or how light your exercises are, they can strengthen your body. Staying inactive for an extended period can weaken the body’s parts that have not been used. 

  • Old age

If you are part of the more aging population, then you are more susceptible to back pain. Your body is expected to manifest its wear and tear sooner or later. However, do not think that only the elderly experience back pain. They are just more prone to experiencing back pain.

  • Pre-existing conditions

Medical conditions, like fibromyalgia, which brings pain throughout the body, can cause back pain. Aside from this, being diagnosed with scoliosis or being pregnant can lead to a strained back.

  • Genetics

Your lineage can provide some insight into how likely you are to experience back pain. An example is arthritis, which can be passed on to the next generation.

  • Vices

Excessive smoking and drinking can worsen your back pain. Smoking-induced cough can be forceful. Strong pressure can rack your body, which might affect your chest area and your back. On the other hand, nursing a hangover can cause soreness and tension in some parts of your body, including your back.

  • Sports and Injury

It is expected that high contact sports and nasty accidents can directly cause backache. However, it is a misconception that back pain is solely brought about when intense pressure is applied. Simple slips can also cause back strain. Sudden jerking movements is also a likely factor.

  • Job

Your current occupation is a likely factor that can trigger your back pain. There is such a thing as back-breaking work. However, this is not limited to laborers only. People who work in front of their computers for extended periods may also complain of backaches. Those who are up on their feet the entire day also experience back pain.

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Lessen the Chances of Back Pain at Work

As much as possible, we do not want to skip work because we are sick. So, let us find out if there are ways to reduce our risk factors so we can continue to carry out our responsibilities. Besides visiting one of the upper cervical chiropractors in Cedar Park, Texas, you can also do these.

  • Desk-bound

If you spend most of your work hours in front of your computer, this section is for you. Decrease the likelihood of back pain at the end of the day by:

  • Incorporating multiple activity breaks in your schedule.

You do not need to go anywhere lest your boss wonders where you are. Simply set notifications to stand up or shift your position. You can make it easy by putting it at the top of each hour. Stand up, stretch, move your neck, and shake your body. Repeat as scheduled.

  • Mind your posture

Sit up straight. Check if your feet are flat on the ground. Raising your chair to the point that your legs are dangling is fun when we were kids. Now that we are older, this can strain your legs, and the pain can radiate to your back.

  • If you can, do not cross your legs.

If you prefer to do so, switch positions every so often. This will help you avoid leg cramps. 

  • Keep your work essentials within reach.

This helps you from exerting your arms or upper body to get hold of something.

  • Carriers

As a carrier, you are tasked to move items. It can involve the use of special machinery or your entire body. Reduce back strain by doing these:

  • Assess the item before picking it up. 
  • Use a crane or pulley when needed and if available. 
  • Adopt the proper lifting stance before you start. Do not bend and pick the item up. This can break your back. Move to a sitting position and brace your body for the weight. The pressure will be spread out and not localized to your back.
  • Ensure your path is clear. Lugging around heavy items is no easy task. Be sure to help yourself by preparing the way.
  • Use slip-proof footwear when you can. 
  • Drivers

If you are a truck driver, a messenger, a cabbie, or even a pilot, sitting for an extended period can lead to back pain. Here are some things you can do to protect yourself:

  • Fasten your seatbelt as soon as you are seated.
  • Check your seat and how your body feels. Adjust when needed. Ideally, your chair should not be too reclined because your back cannot lean properly against the backrest.
  • Purchase ergonomic items that can provide back support. This is especially helpful for long-haul drivers.


A Holistic Approach to Back Pain

Upper cervical chiropractors in Cedar Park, Texas promote natural approaches to back pain. These professionals believe that keeping your body aligned helps you manage, if not resolve, back pain.

If you or a family member has been battling back pain, you might want to visit the Symmetry Health Chiropractic Center. Dr. Patrick Lin and our entire team will welcome you to the center and help you regain your overall well-being. During your evaluation, Dr. Lin will assess the possible underlying causes of your back pain. If the scans reveal a misalignment, he will walk you through the process of realigning your body.

Understanding how upper cervical chiropractic care can help you manage back pain and knowing the likely outcomes will help you come up with an informed decision. Schedule that appointment and find out what we can do to make sure you no longer miss work due to back pain.


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