Second Visit

Your first visit is complete. Plan to spend about 45-60 minutes on your next visit to receive the doctor’s report of findings and chiropractic adjustment. We will then do another set of post X-rays after your first NUCCA adjustment.

Report of Findings

At this time the doctor will go over your films with you. At this time, you’ll be shown what can be reversed and how we plan to do that. The doctor will then outline your plan to get you back to health and wellness.

First Adjustment

You will recieve your very first NUCCA adjustment. About 50% of people will immediately feel a difference. Some before they even stand up! About 40% will start to feel better more graduatlly. The last 10% will be sore following the first adjustment, but don’t worry! This is normal. Some of your muscles have been “on vacation” and we’re asking them to get back to work. They complain a little at the beginning, but calm down quickly and you’ll be on the road to recovery in no time! 10 minutes of ice is usually all that’s needed to take care of any soreness. Your body will continue to change and get used to your adjustment for 48 hours after the adjustment has taken place! For this reason, we always ask that you wait at least 1 day between coming in to see us for follow up visits.

Post X-rays

“To see is to know, not to know is to guess, and I won’t guess about your health!” In this office, we take X-Rays following the first adjustment. This allows us to KNOW that we have fixed the problem. It also shows us if something has caused your body not to follow the normal biomechanical patterns and make specific changes based on the mechanics of your body!

New Patient Orientation

This 30 minutes class is designed to help you get better faster and stay better longer. Although we welcome and encourage you to bring your loved ones to any visit at our office, this is typically when most patients choose to bring a loved one in. It allows you and your loved ones to learn more about your condition, NUCCA and what you can do to help the process. Your effort and determination to get well is equally as important as coming in to see us, so for this reason we strongly encourage you to make it a point to attend our class. Following the guidelines set forth in the class, will allow you to receive the best care, in the least amount of time, and in the most cost effective way.

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