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Our Patient Success Stories

Kerry M. – Migraines and Chronic Pain

Christina H. – Neck and Low Back Pain

Greg S. – Frozen Shoulder

Jason I. – Low back pain, neck pain, night sweats, weakness in right hand

Ken F. – Hand Tremors

Kerry M – Jaw pain and unexplained body pain

Debbie E. – Chronic Shoulder Pain & Scoliosis

Lila R. – Migraines, Vertigo, Dizziness, Nausea, Anxiety Attacks, & Arm Pain

Shirley C. – Frozen Shoulder

Jolina B. – 14 year old with Severe Scoliosis

Kerry M. – Jaw Pain & Unexplained Body Pain

Tinka S. – Daughter With Autism

Debbie E. – Chronic Shoulder Pain & Scoliosis

Lila R. – Migraines, Vertigo, Dizziness, Nausea, Anxiety Attacks, & Arm Pain

Jason I. – Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Night Sweats, Weakness in Right Hand, etc…

Kayla & Stacy J. – Seizures Disorder & Neck/Low Back Pain

Angela W. – Chronic Pain For Over 20 Years

Christina H. – Neck & Low Back Pain



Low Back Pain

“Dr. Patrick is a great chiropractor. 3 months ago, I was barely able to sit and walk without pain. After several adjustments, I felt a lot better and now I am ready to exercise again without the horrible pain. Thank you, Dr. Patrick!”

– Marion V., Cedar Park, Tx



Improved quality of your life!

“I met Drs. Dani & Pat just over a month ago, and even though I’ve always been scared of traditional Chiropractic, I was impressed enough to give them a try. After all, I’m still MUCH too young to feel like a little old lady all the time! Now, a month later, I’m a convert, and recommend them to all my friends. It’s really wonderful to wake up each morning looking forward to what the day will bring, instead of struggling out of bed to deal with pain. Their July “Will Work for Food” special is the perfect time to see how they can improve the quality of your life, too. Check it out!”

– Kathy B., Hutto, Tx



Lower Back Pain/Hip Pain/2 Herniated Discs/Sciatic Pain

“May 2011, my lower back and hip hurt at a level that I screamed at some movements.  I could not stand up straight at all.  I went to a neurologist.  The MRI showed 2 herniated discs affecting the sciatic nerve.  He wanted to operate and I said no, so he put me on pain medications.  For the next four months I did nothing, all movement hurt.

The pain medication made me dizzy.  I started physical therapy and after three weeks, the pain started to get worse.  My friend had told me about NUCCA and how it worked for him.  The office was inviting and the doctors were the best! They were very caring and made me feel I was important.  I came in with a lot of pain. Dr. Pat tried several different treatments depending on what I needed and what worked for me.

I now have no pain and I would sleep better because I didn’t have pain from moving waking me up.  I would absolutely and have already recommended this center and doctors to others.  Dr. Pat has a delightful personality, easy to talk to, good character, very caring, and gave me all the time I needed.  Each adjustment made me feel better than when I came in.”

– Annie G., Round Rock, TX


Shoulder/Upper Back Pain & Tingling

“I had been having constant pain in my upper back/shoulder area for at least 2 years before seeing Dr. Pat.  I was starting to have a tingling feeling which worried me the most.  I know I needed to seek help before it got worse.  I’ve tried over the counter meds and got a few deep tissue massages to no avail.  I did have doubts about NUCCA initial but after my first visit, the results were amazing and visible.  I was nervous about seeing a chiropractor, but the staff is amazingly nice and understanding.  I was able to become comfortable with chiropractic care and the doctor after a few mins of discussion.  My treatments has worked wonders.  I no longer have any tingling or pain in the area that hurt for so long! They also helped with some side issues like pain in my wrist.  Overall my body just felt better.  I noticed I was more aware of my posture and things that weren’t good for my body.  I can now sleep better! I would without question recommend anyone to Symmetry Health, and have already =)! Everything was wonderful. Doctor was always concerned about issues I was having and wanted to anything possible to help.  The adjustments are painless and quick which is good if you don’t have time.  The office was flexible with my schedule in getting me in.”

– Amanda B., Austin, TX


Low Back Pain

“Dr. Pat is very good at what he does and I always feel  better after each treatment.  Dr. Pat is very knowledgeable in his field of expertise.  He is informative in the process and steps of the care and the length of time the treatment will take.  I feel comfortable and at ease in the office.  I’ve had low back pain with fluctuation of pain from mild to serve with occasional serve pain.  I’ve tried prior chiropractic care and physical therapy. I’ve used Advil to decrease pain but these treatments seemed to have short term relief.  I am pleased with the results I’ve had with improvements in my pain of the lower back allowing me the ability to be more active.  Whenever I do house work or on my feet for a long period of time, I am less sore and the length of time it takes for any soreness to dissipate is less.  Overall, my experience at Symmetry Health has been very pleasant and enlightening.”

– Julia C., Cedar Park, TX


Back Pain and Muscle Tension

“Dr. Dani discovered that a film of my neck revealed early degenerative activity.  This treatment is halting it’s progression!  Also, I have much more flexibility in my body overall.  Massage and muscle relaxants had given me relief, but didn’t touch the underlying cause.  I would definitely recommend this treatment to others.  A screening evaluation can catch problems early on when they can be more easily corrected.  The office is clean, orderly, private/confidential, excellent location for me and comfortable.  Dr. Dani and Dr. Pat are not only my health providers but have also become my trusted friends.”

– Shirly W., Cedar Park, TX


Seizures and Back Pain

“Kayla and I are so happy with Dr. Lin. They rock! Kayla doesn’t complain with back pain anymore and she is off of her seizure medication since starting care.  It is a nice feeling to know that there are Doctors out there that actually care for you and how your doing. Dr. Pat and Dr. Dani are awesome. Thank you so much for helping Kayla and I. It is great to not hear your child complain of pain all the time.”

– Stacy & Kayla J., Cedar Park, TX



“This is the answer to taking care of yourself this allergy season. Come see Dr. Dani and you will be amazed at the results!!”

– Sherry H., Austin, TX


Low Back Pain

“Dr. Pat has done a great job helping me to get well! I really enjoy the relaxed nature of my visits and his ability to identify my concerns and effectively treat them. I highly recommend his services!”

– David T., Cedar Park, TX


 Neck Pain and Low Back Pain

“I have suffered from neck pain & low back pain for years. I’ve tried OTC Aspirin and Ibuprofen and even traditional chiropractic. The NUCCA technique was different though, I was surprised how non invasive the procedure was and the ease of pain after each treatment. I’m now getting more rotation in my neck and I’m noticing less clicking sounds in my neck. I would very definitely recommend others to Symmetry Health.”

– Christina H., Cedar Park, TX


NUCCA Success Stories In the Media

Tony Schumacher (NHRA Racecar Legend)

“In October 2000, I was involved in in a horrific race car accident at speed exceeding 300mph. My left leg was broken in 6 places, 6 fingers were dislocated, and I had a very serious concussion…I tried everything from acupuncture to water training to regain my strength and focus…After just one visit with the NUCCA chiropractic procedure, the color returned to my face and my dizziness and concussion were gone…”


Montel Williams (TV Show Host)

“You wouldn’t have known this, but I have multiple sclerosis and neuralgic pain 24-hours a day, 365-days a year with pain in my feet and I’ve struggled with balance…now 12 days after (upper cervical) treatment I’m walking differently, my pain is less…there was no pain involved (in the treatment) and I had instantaneous relief…I could stand straight for the first time”





Upper Cervical Care
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