How Vertigo Sufferers Find Natural Relief in Cedar Park, TX

The feeling that you or your surroundings are spinning even when your holding still is called vertigo. As many as 69 million people have experience vertigo at least once in their lives, yet only 50% of all vertigo cases have verified clear causes. What many people don’t know is that vertigo can be linked to a problem in the bones [...]

10 Common Migraine Triggers and How to Find Relief

Many people with a migraine condition live with some level of anxiety about when the next episode will occur. Aside from being painful experiences, migraines can be very inconvenient when they cause you to miss out on important events in your life. Those who suffer from migraines are often instructed by their doctors to keep a migraine journal in order [...]

An Effective Option for TMJ Relief

The action of opening and closing your mouth is made possible by the complexity of the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ.  This action that we enjoy every day with very little thought is accomplished by one of the most complex joints in your body.  When you have problems with this member of the body, it is called temporomandibular joint and muscle [...]

Living with Back Pain? 8 Important Things You Must Consider

Back pain is one of the most common health conditions in the world – you'd be hard pressed to meet anyone who hasn’t experienced it.  No matter if it feels dull, sharp, achy, shooting, or stiff, living with back pain can really wear you down over time. It can affect your ability to work, drive, exercise, and maintain healthy relationships. [...]

Reasons Vertigo Happens and What You Can Do About It

Vertigo is a medical condition related to the balance system in the body. It causes you to feel as if you or the objects around you are moving, when in reality they are completely still. Sometimes it is described as a spinning or swaying sensation. A few associated symptoms are listed below: Nausea Vomiting Sweating Problems walking Intensifying sensation when [...]

Migraine Phases and Ways to Find Comfort

Migraine headaches are primary headache disorders that include recurrent head pain ranging from moderate to severe. A few other symptoms are as follows: Throbbing or pulsating pain usually on only one side of the head Duration of 2 to 72 hours Nausea and vomiting Sensitivity to sound, smell, or light Pain that worsens with physical activity One-third of people have [...]