Chiropractor in Cedar Park Lists 8 Ways to Ease Vertigo

Suppose you or someone you know has frequent vertigo episodes. In that case, you might grow weary from anticipating an attack or worrying about a fall or other accidents because of impaired balance. Check out our eight at-home remedies designed to help lessen the frequency and severity of vertigo episodes. Additionally, read on to understand why you should consider seeing [...]

Relieving Vertigo with Epley Maneuver and NUCCA Care

Positional vertigo can be highly debilitating, especially when you lead a busy life. Fortunately, nowadays, you have plenty of options to take control of the spinning sensations and prevent them from interrupting your routine. Two examples of these are the Epley Maneuver and NUCCA chiropractic. Have you come across any of the two positional vertigo remedies?  Thousands of patients swear [...]

Cedar Park Upper Cervical Chiropractor Explains Arthritis and Back Pain Connection

Arthritis is a common disorder that causes mild to severe joint inflammation. Over time, this affects the spinal column, causing the back and hips to feel painful and difficult to move or stretch. Find out whether or not you might be dealing with arthritis and its associated symptoms and conditions. For a safe and natural solution to this problem, our [...]

Can Alcohol Worsen Migraine Attacks?

Migraine attacks are pretty prevalent in the country. That’s why it’s not surprising that plenty of patients visit our practice for migraine relief in Cedar Park. Notably, many aren’t aware of triggers that worsen their attacks, like excessive alcohol intake. In our discussion for this week, we will tackle the connection between migraine attacks and alcohol and why many healthcare [...]

Cedar Park Chiropractor Explains Transient Aphasia

Anybody suffering from migraines with aura can experience transient aphasia. Although it's one of the lesser-known migraines with aura symptoms, not many people relate transient aphasia to their episodes. Learn more about it and find out how our trusted Cedar Park chiropractor can help you! Symmetry Health Chiropractic Center is here to help you experience lasting migraine relief for patients [...]

Stretching When You Have Sciatica: Is It Possible?

Sciatica causes pain that can radiate to the different body parts supplied by the sciatic nerve. Most patients with this condition notice significant discomfort on their lower back and hips down through each leg. Thankfully, while pain can be uncomfortable, seeking Cedar Park sciatica relief is possible with the help of various remedies and techniques.  Here we will discuss these [...]

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