shutting-down-7-misconceptions-about-back-painMany things can be sources of back pain, and people have different options to relieve it. Some seek professional upper cervical care in Cedar Park, TX, while some rely on pieces of advice from friends and prevailing beliefs. However, not every piece of common knowledge about back pain tells the truth.

In this blog, we will set the record straight on the biggest misconceptions about back pain to help you sift through what is correct and what is not. Below are some of those common myths. Toward the end of this post, we will help you discover a way to restore your quality of life from back pain

Misconception #1: Back Pain Comes Out of the Blue 

Back pain rarely occurs suddenly. The truth is that by the time you experience back pain, some underlying injury has been present beneath the surface for a while. A misalignment in your spine is one possible cause. It can also be due to the slow wear and tear of the discs between the vertebrae of your spine or due to building muscle tension that leads to a spasm or strain. Regardless of the reason, back pain often means there is a longstanding problem unless you just had a recent accident that injured your back. 

Misconception #2: Taking a Hot Bath Treats an Injured Back

Right after you get injured, inflammation can happen. During this time, many people mistakenly apply heat to the injured part for relief. However, this practice can do more harm than good. While you may feel slightly better, the issue is that the heat draws more blood to the injured spot. More blood worsens inflammation because blood leaks into the soft tissue, and that aggravates swelling. The truth is that a cold pack is best for counteracting inflammation. When the swelling has subsided after a few days, that’s when it is fine to use heat to promote healing. 

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Misconception #3: Stretching Is All You Need to Relieve Back Pain 

While stretching is an excellent exercise, and it is commonly useful when you have back pain, it can worsen a severe back injury. That’s why it is vital to have a checkup the moment you have a back injury to know the extent of the problem. Make time to consult a doctor before beginning a new workout routine, even one that consists of only stretching. 

Misconception #4: Wear a Back Belt When Lifting and You’ll Be Fine

No research has backed up the claim that weightlifting belts help. So whether you do a lot of lifting for work or are hitting the gym hard, don’t overextend yourself believing the belts will save you from back damage. 

Misconception #5: You’ll Need Surgery

Surgery should always be the last resort in any condition, including back pain. Surgeries come with risks, and even after the procedure, there is no guarantee that you will ultimately feel better. There is also the possibility of opioid addiction since these types of drugs are given to patients after operations. 

Misconception #6: Bed Rest and NSAIDs Are the Best Treatment Options

These are the standard back pain treatment options recommended by physicians to patients. However, there are several problems with this approach. During bed rest, you are sedentary, which makes the joints and muscles stiffen even more and increase pain. Recovering may take even longer and may leave you in a weakened physical condition by the time the bed rest is done. In addition, NSAIDs have side effects, and when taken over a long period, it can result in conditions such as intestinal issues and chronic headaches.

For faster recovery from back pain, we recommend you return to your normal activities gradually. Also, consider natural ways to relieve inflammation. Lifestyle adjustments and self-care offer fewer side effects than medications. 

Misconception #7: Back Pain Originates in the Back

It can be true that your back pain may stem from a back injury. However, there are also many other possibilities. One that most doctors often overlook is the chance that the back pain can originate in the neck with an upper cervical misalignment. How can a neck issue affect the rest of the back?

The top bone in the neck, the atlas, supports the head and keeps its balance. If the atlas misaligns, even by a millimeter, the rest of the spine compensates. One side of the shoulder may pull up higher than the other. One hip becomes lower, and one leg is shorter. The pain is more likely to occur where the largest  changes take place.


A Natural Remedy for Back Pain

If your back pain originates from the neck, the best way to get lasting relief is to address the cause of the problem. Upper cervical chiropractors are certified to detect and correct this type of misalignment using a gentle technique. Once the atlas returns to its proper alignment, the rest of the spine and the nearby soft tissue can begin its normal function again. This can heal pressure from nerves and other problems that lead to inflammation and pain.

If you suffer from back pain, contact Symmetry Health Chiropractic Center in Cedar Park, TX today. We will help you determine if your back pain is actually due to an atlas misalignment. You could be one gentle adjustment away from recovery!


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