Seasoned actor and director Ben Affleck delivered well in his various movie roles– as the husband Nick Dunne in Gone Girl or Rafe McCawley in Pearl Harbor. He performed well even in his controversial role as Batman

Many of his admirers claim to know everything about him. They are even up-to-date with his love life. However, not many people know of his health struggles. 

Unfortunately, Ben Affleck, like millions of others, suffers from intense migraines. Did you know that his migraines are so severe that they had forced him to stay in the hospital?

As an actor who is constantly stressed and rarely rests due to filming and strict schedules, it’s no wonder that he would experience debilitating migraines. 

Sad to say, you don’t need to be an A-list Hollywood talent to experience migraines. This prevalent condition can attack even ordinary people with regular jobs.

People usually describe migraines as throbbing headaches. But, unfortunately, migraines are more complicated than that. Each episode, stretching from a few hours to a couple of days, consists of many other symptoms apart from head pains.


Migraine Symptoms

Those who look for relief from migraine in Cedar Park TX speak out about other equally exhausting signs of migraines like:

  • vertigo or extreme dizziness
  • nausea and vomiting
  • hypersensitivity to light, noise, and odor
  • poor concentration

Others also experience stomach discomfort and muscle cramps, along with other symptoms. If you’ve endured an attack, two questions will enter your mind: “How do I stop it?” and “Why is this happening?”

As with any other illness, you cannot find a solution unless you know the root of the problem. With this in mind, the first step to alleviate migraines is to understand what causes them.

In this blog, we’ll talk about a leading trigger for migraines– stress. We’ll also brush on other avoidable causes. And lastly, we’ll introduce a natural way to reduce attacks of migraine in Cedar Park TX.

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Stress: A Primary Cause of Migraines

While waiting for researchers to discover the precise reason why people get migraines, we have to do our part in blocking attacks. Over the decades, thousands of migraine studies revealed various existing migraine triggers, all thanks to doctors and migraine patients who want to help.

It’s worth noting that migraine symptoms are distinct for every case. Similarly, so are the migraine triggers. To further elaborate, a trigger might not affect you when it can immediately set off a migraine attack in another person. However, one catalyst seems to stand out among others– stress.

We like to call stress an “instigator” of many ailments, including migraines. This is because excess levels of stress can contribute to several pain conditions, whether physical or neurological. For example, did you know that 4 of 5 patients claim their migraines are due to stress?

To prove this idea, try to recall the time you spent an entire night studying for a test. Examinations are stress-inducing, alright. However, the night before a big test is one of the most stressful events you can experience as a student. In fact, you probably woke up the day after your exam with a piercing headache.

If you get stressed way too often and experience recurring migraines, perhaps engaging in relaxing ventures can help you. You can de-stress in many ways, and many of them do not require much effort and money.

Here are some stress-relieving activities that you might want to try:

  • Head on to YouTube and follow yoga and meditation videos.
  • Get your green thumb working by tending to your garden.
  • Enhance your painting or drawing skills.
  • Sing your feelings out.
  • Take a walk around the neighborhood with a loved one.
  • Sleep your stress away.


Other Migraine Triggers to Avoid

As promised, here are is a list of migraine triggers that you should stay away from. 


Coffee, tea, chocolates, energy drinks, and other caffeine-rich foods can bring about terrible migraines in some people. However, there are a few that claim that caffeine reduces the intensity of their headaches. Perhaps, the effects will depend on your body’s tolerance to caffeine products.


Insufficient water intake is another prevalent trigger for migraine attacks. In today’s busy world, it’s pretty normal that people would miss a few water breaks every once in a while. So, you have to stay conscious of your daily water intake.

Lack of sleep

Have you experienced waking up one morning with a severe headache after a few hours of sleep? If you constantly stay up late, you are at risk of getting painful migraines. To train your body to sleep better, start by removing distractions in your bedroom. 


Drinking pain meds may come first in your mind during a migraine attack. However, painkillers and other medications can only do so much. 

Do you wonder why some prescriptions are only good for a few days? It’s to prevent your body from getting used to these medications. So if you continue to use painkillers outside of your doctor’s advice, you might develop “rebound headaches.”  This is precisely what drives patients to look for alternative relief methods for migraines in Cedar Park TX.

Processed foods

You’re probably fed up with people saying that eating fresh food is best– well, it is. If you want to reduce your migraines significantly, avoid processed foods at all costs. Stay away from cured meats, pickled foods, aged cheese, and red wine.

Poor posture

Many people neglect to see the importance of proper posture. Unfortunately, if you continue to not pay attention to how you walk, sit, or stand, your body will complain one way or another. For example, you might experience migraines as a form of protest. 


How The Neck Connects to Migraines

In case you didn’t know, neck misalignments can trigger migraine episodes. Migraines occur along with the tightening or the loosening of blood vessels in the brain. These things usually happen following a neck misalignment since it directly puts pressure on the brainstem.

Most people believe that they can only get a misaligned neck after a traumatic accident, like falling down a flight of stairs or a car crash. But, unfortunately, neck misalignments can develop quickly and are highly prevalent. Poor posture and dehydration, for example, can contribute to a misaligned neck.

Many individuals with migraines in Cedar Park TX, who have visited our office are often baffled about their condition. Here at Symmetry Health Chiropractic Center, our goal is to give everyone hope, and we do so by catering to your immediate needs. Thankfully, we’ve fulfilled the wishes of our patients, especially giving them relief from migraines and other pain conditions. 

“How?” You might ask. We help them heal from misaligned necks through upper cervical chiropractic care– a field of chiropractic that focuses on the healthy alignment of the two topmost bones in the neck. If you want to know more about this natural adjustment technique, give us a call today at 512-572-3976.


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